Meet The Author

Andrew BullerMy name is Andrew Buller and I live in the beautiful countryside near Canterbury, in Kent.

I have always loved making up stories and have generally never grown up. My favourite book as a child was Mr Tickle and it still is! I struggle reading books without pictures and I really, really don’t like big words.

I am extremely excited to share my stories of The Rhymers, books that I have been working on for a number of years now. I want to bring the alphabet alive with the stories that I write. I hope that the way the characters look out for each other and the strong unity across the alphabet can be a message shared by all generations enjoying my work.


There is much more information available about my work as an author, illustrator, designer, publisher, tutor and public speaker, as well as details of how to request an author visit at my website: You can also email me at

Best wishes and happy reading!
Andrew 🙂

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