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Q & A with Andrew Buller

Andrew Buller answers some of your most common questions in the video below.


How can I contact Andrew Buller?

You can send me a message by emailing info@andrewbuller.com.

Where do you live?

I live in a small village near Canterbury, in some of the prettiest countryside in Kent. It is very peaceful and I think there are more horses than people in my village. It sometimes gets too quiet so I love to head into Canterbury, my nearest city, which is a great place to spend time.

Andrew Buller

Enjoying the beautiful Kent countryside

Do you ever visit schools?

I love to visit schools and it is my favourite part of my job. If your school would like me to visit you then email info@andrewbuller.com.

Andrew Buller Author Visit in Schools

Author visit in a Year 7 class

Why do you like writing children’s stories?

I write for children because I have never grown up and have no intention of ever doing so! I have always had a very active and vivid imagination and I am now able to put this to the best possible use! I have always loved making up characters and imaginary places to live. Now I get to turn these into books and share these ideas with other people – very exciting! I also love the simplicity and innocence of writing for young children as this is very much how I would love the world to be!

Where do you work?

I work most of the time from my gorgeous conservatory in my garden. It is a really light and cheerful place and always makes me feel happy just being there. I also like to work from many other places too, including coffee shops, libraries, cafes and friend’s homes – all I need is my laptop, pen and paper and I’ve arrived! Awesome!

Working in my Conservatory

Working in my beautiful conservatory in my garden – so inspiring!

Does anyone help you with your work?

I am so fortunate to have the amazing support of my parents with my work. My Dad, as a former primary teacher of over 30 years experience, has become my editor, as well as the person I bounce my creative ideas off of. My Mum provides another pair of eyes over my work, as well as always keeping us well fed and watered! My uncle, also a former teacher, has become my copy editor and checks to see if there are any mistakes in my books before they are published.

Andrew Buller & Malcolm Buller

With my Dad in my garden

Do you do a lot of planning?

Yes. The Rhymers series has been four years in the planning and refining process. I have had to plan out the whole island where the 26 Rhymer’s characters live, deciding upon how each of them interact and the adventures they will have together.


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