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I am Andrew Buller, the author and illustrator of The Rhymers children’s book series. I am involved in numerous creative projects, all with the central aim of motivating and empowering others.

Your financial support makes it possible for me to devote the time and focus to each of them, while earning enough to live and keep the wolf from the door!

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The Rhymers help us say Thank You written by Andrew Buller to thank all our key workers and raise money for NHS Charities Together

Fundraiser for NHS thanking all our key workers

I am creating a new book titled The Rhymers help us say Thank You in support of all our amazing NHS staff and key workers. It also celebrates the ways children have been saying thank you to all those risking themselves for us.Money raised from the sponsorship of this project and book royalties will be given to NHS Charities Together.


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Support author and illustrator Andrew Buller in his work with charity Canterbury Christian School's Work Trust to write a book series to boost the confidence of young children. Donate on his Just Giving page.

I am passionate about empowering the next generation to feel loved, cared for and confident in the skills and abilities they have been given through my books. Your generous support enables me to fund the time and resources to develop a Confident Rhymers book series to be used in schools with the Canterbury Christian Schools Work Trust (CCSWT) They will be part of a new seven-session confidence course with five to seven year olds.

These books have been endorsed by the Diocese of Canterbury Board of Education.

Endorsement for the Confident Rhymers book series improving child mental health from the Diocese of Canterbury Board of Education.

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