The Rhymers early learning books bringing the alphabet aliveThe Rhymers

The Rhymers are 26 loveable capital alphabet characters that live on Rhyme Island and have many adventures together. They love to speak in rhyme and live together in their rhyming pairs, from Ace and Bass to Vroom and Zoom. Watch out for Over and Under who don’t quite rhyme and argue all the time.

These books are a great way to teach your children the alphabet and their phonics through engaging, colourful, rhyming stories that also have strong moral messages. The learning often happens without the children realising it as they follow the adventures of their favourite alphabet characters.


The Rising Rhymers early learning books bringing the alphabet alive

The Rising Rhymers

The Rising Rhymers are the same 26 alphabet characters, but as little letters. Their stories are slightly shorter in length and simpler in the language used to cater for a younger audience.

Many alphabet learning books focus only on the upper case letters so these stories are a great way for children to learn their little letters too, something that nurseries and schools teach prior to capital letter recognition.

Mubble Pup

Mubble Pup is Rhyme Island’s dizzy-leg-sick dog who is always getting muddled up. He loves to join every Rhymers’ adventure and has his own stories too.

The message at the heart of this book is celebrating difference and loving just who you are. Mubble Pup is always getting things wrong, but The Rhymers show him love and encouragement just as he is. This story is great for encouraging any children who struggle with dyslexia or other language difficulties.

Mubble Pup also has his own tongue twisters book and a special birthday book too!

Personalised birthday books

A perfectly personalised gift. Other stories add a name, but in this Rhymers adventure your character will come to life in words and pictures. Let the author know details and they could be included. Is there a favourite toy or animal to spot? Which coloured clothes will you wear? Is your hair short, long, curly, black or missing? These details will ensure the birthday boy or girl of all ages will treasure it for ever.

Personalised birth books

Excited Rhymers join Baby’s Mummy and Daddy as they get ready for their new arrival. This unique, charming and vibrant personalised birth book is something you and your new child will treasure forever. The story also introduces your child, with the help of The Rhymers, to first words about the build up to their birth. It is a wonderful conversation starter for you to share memories from before they were born. Order your own beautiful personalised birth book today.

Creation Rhymers

In the beginning was the word…and within the word the letters of life. The Rising Rhymers are the letters that help God speak creation into existence. This is a gorgeously illustrated book that brings the creation story to life in a vibrant and imaginative way that children will want to read over and over again.

Christmas Lamb

Christmas is coming to Rhyme Island! When Sheep needs to find somewhere safe and warm to have her baby will The Rhymers be able to help? This heart-warming story with beautiful illustrations is guaranteed to become a festive favourite and enjoyed throughout the year too!

There are puzzle and colouring books to accompany Christmas Lamb’s story.

Alphabet Rhymers

Full of vibrant pictures, this is the ideal introduction to learning the alphabet. The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers take you through the day, spotting lots of alphabet words along the way. Perfect for parents and children to share the fun of early learning together.

This alphabet learning book is designed to grow with your child and can be shared with older siblings too as there is so much to spot and discuss. There are opportunities to count objects on every page giving a very broad learning experience.

Rumber Rhymers

Have fun with the Rumbers, while learning your NUMBERS! Finding, naming and counting objects, foods and animals re-enforces each different number on each vibrant page.

The simple rhymes within this book aids children’s learning of numbers and is a book they will want to return to over and over again.

Colourful Rhymers

The Rhymers help your child recognise their colours by finding and naming the animals, foods and objects appearing in the delightful illustrations on each page.

The simple rhymes with each colour and the chance to spot each of the Rhymers spelling out the colour enable word recognition through the fun of finding the characters.


Shape Up Rhymers

Children will love learning their shapes as The Shapers arrive at Rhyme Island to get the Rising Rhymers ship-shape. This book beautifully combines rhyme and learning. There is much to spot within the vibrant illustrations and lots of questions for adults to ask that will engage children on every page.

First Words

Children will learn over 100 first words with The Rhymers as they take you through the alphabet, in this beautifully illustrated Rhymers’ book.

Peter Repeater Parrot appears throughout the book encouraging children to repeat the words with him. He challenges you to see how many times you can spot him!

Ten Lovely Eggs

Children will learn simple subtraction as the ten lovely eggs are given away one by one, with the turn of each page.  Each of the eggs have their own delightful characteristics and children will love meeting them all. Characters include Magic Egg, Mini Egg, Pooch Egg, Chicken Egg and my personal favourite Monkey Egg! This book makes a lovely Easter gift, although it can be shared with children throughout the year. Purchase your copy now!

Nursery Rhymers

The Rhymers bring you their own versions of your favourite nursery rhymes that they would love you to read and sing along to. This book is full of colour and a great introduction to the Rhymers series with each of the 26 alphabet characters appearing in it, along with Rhyme Island’s loveable dizzy-leg-sick dog Mubble Puppy. You will also meet many of The Rhymers nursery rhyme friends including Miss Muffin, Spider, Little Meg Peep and Happy Humpty.

Colour Me Rhymers

Each of The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers’ stories are available as a colouring book. Enjoy reading the story as you colour each picture. There is a ‘Splat Spot’ counting game in each book too!

Puzzling Rhymers

A number of The Rhymers’ stories have an accompanying puzzle book. Each contains 50 pages of mazes, word searches, crosswords, games, spot the differences and many more.

These books are a great extension to the Rhymers’ series and allow you to stretch your child as they look to grow more confident with learning their letters and numbers. There are so many different activities that will appeal to a wide age range from 4 to 8.

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