Learn all about The Rhymers rhyming alphabet book series by Andrew Buller teaching children their letters in fun and colourful ways

About The Rhymers

Welcome to the home of The Rhymers!

The Rhymers are 26 loveable capital alphabet characters that live on Rhyme Island and have many adventures together. They love to speak in rhyme and live together in their rhyming pairs, from Ace and Bass to Vroom and Zoom. Watch out for Over and Under who don’t quite rhyme and argue all the time.

The Rhymers early learning books bringing the alphabet alive

Learning Opportunities

These books are a great way to teach your children the alphabet and their phonics through engaging, colourful, rhyming stories that also have strong moral messages. The learning often happens without the children realising it as they follow the adventures of their favourite alphabet characters.

The Rising Rhymers early learning books bringing the alphabet alive

Introducing The Rising Rhymers

The Rising Rhymers are the same 26 alphabet characters, but as little letters. Their stories are slightly shorter in length and simpler in the language used to cater for a younger audience.

Many alphabet learning books focus only on the upper case letters so these stories are a great way for children to learn their little letters too, something that nurseries and schools teach prior to capital letter recognition.

The Rhymers say Happy Birthday to Mubble Pup in this beautiful early learning book

Meet Mubble Pup

Mubble Pup is Rhyme Island’s loveable dog who is always getting muddled up. He loves to join every Rhymers’ adventure and has his own stories too.Books

The message at the heart of this book is celebrating difference and loving just who you are. Mubble Pup is always getting things wrong, but The Rhymers show him love and encouragement just as he is. This story is great for encouraging any children who struggle with dyslexia or other language difficulties.

Mubble Pup has his own tongue twisters book and a special birthday story too!

The Rumber Rhymers help children learn their numbers from 1 to 10 with the aid of simple rhymes and lots of fun things to count and spot

Early Learning Books

The Rhymers have many early learning books to teach children their alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, first words and counting. The vibrant illustrations and many fun things to spot keep children returning to the books again and again.

Order this beautiful personalised birth book from The Rhymers for your new baby

Personalised books

The Rhymers have a wonderful selection of personalised books catering for many occasions. There are titles to celebrate the birth of a baby, a birthday and Christmas. There are also record books for baby’s first year and the toddler years.

The Rhymers author, Andrew Buller, is passionate about producing these books as he loves to create unique gifts that people will treasure forever.

Support author and illustrator Andrew Buller in his work with charity Canterbury Christian School's Work Trust to write a book series to boost the confidence of young children. Donate on his Just Giving page.

Confident Rhymers

Author Andrew Buller is working with the Canterbury Christian Schools Work Trust to produce a series of seven books to accompany their new confidence building course for young children. This series has been endorsed by the Diocese of Canterbury Board of Education.

Endorsement for the Confident Rhymers book series improving child mental health from the Diocese of Canterbury Board of Education.

You can find out much more about this invaluable work and support Andrew Buller at his Just Giving crowdfunding page.

The Rhymers help us say Thank You written by Andrew Buller to thank all our key workers and raise money for NHS Charities Together

Thank You Fundraiser

The Rhymers help us say Thank You has been created to thank all our incredible key workers. At least 50p from the sale of this book will be donated to NHS Charities Together (registered charity no. 1186569). The book includes beautiful art work from children (and adults) throughout.


Puzzling Rhymers - Christmas Lamb - by Andrew Buller - festive puzzle fun with mazes, wordsearches, games, crosswords, colouring and more

Colouring & Puzzle Books

Each of The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers’ stories are available as a colouring book. Enjoy reading the story as you colour each picture. There is a ‘Splat Spot’ counting game in each book too!

A number of The Rhymers’ stories have an accompanying puzzle book. Each contains fifty pages of mazes, word searches, crosswords, games, spot the differences and more.

These books are a great extension to the Rhymers’ series and allow you to stretch your child as they look to grow more confident with learning their letters and numbers. There are so many different activities that will appeal to a wide age range.

Andrew Buller author and illustrator of the children's rhyming alphabet book series The Rhymers

Meet author Andrew Buller

Andrew Buller, author of The Rhymers, loves sharing his stories and empowering others to write. He is involved in many projects helping at Catching Lives homeless charity and with the Canterbury Christian School’s Work Trust. He is also co-founder of Canterbury Creatives.

If you have any questions for Andrew he would love to hear from you. Email him at info@andrewbuller.com.

You can also book Andrew for a school, nursery or library visit. Find out much more about his work at www.andrewbuller.com.

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