The Rhymers love playing games and would love you to join in with them…

Rhyme Snap

Rhyme Snap Game with The Rhymers rhyming alphabet characters by Andrew Buller

Join our Rhymers and Rising Rhymers for a fun game of Rhyme Snap.

Match a big letter with a little letter for a SNAP!

Match two of our friends that rhyme for a RHYME!

If Over and Under appear side by side it’s a NOT-QUITE RHYME!

Look out for muddling MUBBLE PUP too.

Good luck!


Rhymer Spy

“I spy with my Rhymer eye, something beginning with ME!”

Take it in turns to spot something beginning with each of the letters in the pictures below. Why not also try being one of The Rhymers and spotting things beginning with your letter in the world around you.

Look out for the “Rhymer Spy” book coming soon…


Puzzling Rhymer Games

The Rhymers have many games for you to enjoy within their Puzzling Rhymers books such as “Lamb’s Ladders” below taken from the Puzzling Rhymers – Christmas Lamb book.

Puzzling Rhymers - Christmas Lamb - by Andrew Buller - festive puzzle fun with mazes, wordsearches, games, crosswords, colouring and more


Who R U?


I’m Andrew Buller, creator of The Rhymers. My nickname is AB and my new Rhymer name is Ace Basswhich I’m very happy about!

The Rhymers early learning books bringing the alphabet alive

Famous Rhymers!

Will our famous friends be happy with their new Rhymer names?

Katy Perry – Kick Pop

Donald Trump – Dash Top

Justin Bieber – Jiggle Bass

Barack Obama – Bass Over

Taylor Swift – Top Scary

Justin Timberlake – Jiggle Top

Jennifer Lopez – Jiggle Leg

Selena Gomez – Scary Giggle

Stephen Fry – Scary Flex

Ariana Grande – Ace Giggle

Harry Styles – Hairy Scary

Bruno Mars – Bass Mime

Mariah Carey – Mime Crash

Kanye West – Kick Whizzy

Simon Cowell – Scary Crash

Hugh Grant – Hairy Giggle

Halle Berry – Hairy Bass

David Cameron – Dash Crash

Elizabeth Windsor – Egg Whizzy

The Rising Rhymers early learning books bringing the alphabet alive

Who R U?

Let me know – message me below!

Are you happy with your new Rhymer name?


The Rhymers would love to hear from you