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Author Andrew Buller reflects on the importance of Knowing You Are Loved in building your confidence and shares his personal experiences that have fed into his writing of the first Confident Rhymers book

Knowing You Are Loved

“Knowing You Are Loved” – WOW! What a place to start! Book one of my new Confident Rhymers series goes straight to the heart of confidence and straight to the heart of life. There are such personal experiences and motivations I bring to this book and share with you now.

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Returning Home

Nothing of great significance or consequence from me this week?!?! Or indeed any week I hear the negative voice in my head say! 

I set myself the new year goal of writing a new blog post every week. But this week I am unwell; a thumping headache that doesn’t seem to want to let up, magnified three-fold by screen time. And so this brief post is purely reflective of where I’m at. 

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Crowdfunding for UK Creatives

I have recently embarked on my own crowdfunding project and wanted to put together a post on the most useful information I have found in the hope it will be helpful to others.

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Introducing the Confident Rhymers book series written by Andrew Buller in conjunction with CCSWT charity helping to raise the confidence and self-esteem of young children

Introducing The Confident Rhymers

The Confident Rhymers want to help your children grow in confidence and self-esteem through their seven-book series which is currently in development. The series aims to reinforce to your child how much they are loved, what unique gifts they have, how to share feelings and worries, how to deal with friendship issues and how they are special and perfect just as they are.

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New Year Goals 2019

I am so excited to get back into work at the start of 2019. January can often be a month for the blues, but this year I have been buzzing with ideas and targets for the new year. I’ve been itching to get started again after the Christmas period.

I have seen many authors writing their new year’s goals and this year I have decided to join them in order to be more accountable to the year ahead. The nature of my creativity means that I often feel like I drift from one creative project to another without the greatest of structure. This post is an attempt to change that; to be something to look back on through and at the end of 2019 to assess how well I am doing. So here goes, my top ten targets for 2019…

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Order this beautiful personalised birth book from The Rhymers for your new baby

New Personalised Birth Books

I am delighted to now have personalised birth books available within The Rhymers’ growing series. I am particularly pleased with how this book has come out and been received by its first customer.

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The Rhymers books by Andrew Buller in Made by Kent shop in Staplehurst, Kent

Books now in Made by Kent shop!

I am so delighted that my books are now available for sale in the beautiful Made by Kent shop, in Staplehurst, Kent. This feels a watershed moment for me as I have worked so hard on my product design over recent years and yet have struggled in the getting my books to market part. This year I have made a conscious effort to get out and network more. Getting my books into a shop like this feels such an important validation for all the hard work leading up to this point.

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Introducing Andrew Buller Books

Over the last seven years I have learnt a great deal about the world of publishing. I have read widely, listened to many podcasts, watched numerous YouTube tutorials and gleaned invaluable information from a variety of websites.

It is now with that wealth of experience and over 60 book titles published that I long to share what I have learnt and offer my services as a publisher.

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Andrew Buller celebrates releasing the 50th book in The Rhymers early learning book series by raising his cricket bat

The Rhymers reach 50!

The Rhymers celebrate the release of the 50th book in their ever-growing series! So please forgive this moment of self-indulgence, as their author and illustrator Andrew Buller reflects on some personal highlights and favourite stories – and raises his bat to celebrate the half-century!

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Shapes learning is so much fun with the Shape Up Rhymers as they introduce your child to all the common 2D shapes through simple rhyme and colourful illustrations

Shape Up Rhymers OUT NOW!

Children will love learning their shapes as The Shapers arrive at Rhyme Island to get the Rising Rhymers ship-shape. This book beautifully combines rhyme and learning. There is much to spot within the vibrant illustrations and lots of questions for adults to ask that will engage children on every page.

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Let the Creation Rhymers help you retell the creation story in a new and innovative way, full of colour and rhyme

Creation Rhymers – OUT NOW!

In the beginning was the word…and within the word the letters of life. The Rising Rhymers are the letters that help God speak creation into existence. This is a gorgeously illustrated book that brings the creation story to life in a vibrant and imaginative way that children will want to read over and over again.

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Children will love learning simple subtraction as the Ten Lovely Eggs are given away one by one, with the turn of each page

The Rhymers – Ten Lovely Eggs

Counting down fun!

It is really exciting to be releasing the latest book from The Rhymers’ ever-growing series titled “Ten Lovely Eggs”. Join Rhymer Egg and his egg friends this Easter and through the year.

Children will love learning simple subtraction as the ten lovely eggs are given away one by one, with the turn of each page.  Each of the eggs have their own delightful characteristics and children will love meeting them all. Characters include Magic Egg, Mini Egg, Pooch Egg, Chicken Egg and my personal favourite Monkey Egg!

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The Rhymers - Mubble Pup's Mubble Twisters - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book & tongue twisting fun

Mubble Pup’s Mubble Twisters

I have really loved producing Mubble Pup’s first tongue twister book and am very excited to release it today. This project has been the perfect marrying of my love of silliness, playing with language and having great fun with illustration. I really hope this comes across in the book. Behind the mask of all the silliness there is also a strong educational focus with the tongue twisters being great for speech and language development, the Rhymers characters providing alphabet learning and many counting opportunities in the spotting games within the book.

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Tongue twisting fun with Mubble Pup's Mubble Twisters perfect for speech and language development of young children

Tongue Twisting fun with The Rhymers!

I love the crazy, varied nature of my work and today I am beginning illustrating for my latest project – a tongue twisting book for The Rhymers!!! This book really taps into my silliness and I can’t wait to release it! Some of the tongue twisters are inspired by old classics such as “She sells sea shells” but many are completely new based on the characters of The Rhymers themselves.

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Speech Link feature The Rhymers' series in their magazine on the importance of rhyme in speech and language development

The Rhymers Link with Speech Link

I am really delighted to have my work feature within the latest issue of Speech Link’s national magazine, The Link. The Rhymers appear in an article exploring the importance of rhyme in children’s educational development.

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The Rising Rhymers share their own versions of favourite nursery rhymes in this colourful children's early learning book

Nursery Rhymers

This post celebrates the release of the latest book in the ever-expanding series of Rhymers’ books – Nursery Rhymers. We have a delve into the book, explore the rationale behind it and look at the overwhelming evidence of the importance of nursery rhymes to the early educational development of children.

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Colours learning with the Colourful Rhymers in this beautiful children's early learning book

Colourful Colours Learning

The Rhymers’ series continues to expand into providing books for pre-school teaching. The latest addition to this is the release of the “Colourful Rhymers” title where The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers teach children each of the common colours. This post allows you to delve into this book, explains the educational thinking behind it and gives details of where you can obtain it.

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The Rumber Rhymers help children learn their numbers from 1 to 10 with the aid of simple rhymes and lots of fun things to count and spot

Rumbers Numbers Learning

The Rhymers’ series is branching out into providing numerous early learning resources. The latest addition to this is the release of the “Rumber Rhymers” title where The Rumbers, Rhyme Island’s loveable number characters introduce themselves in their own book. This post gives you a glimpse into this book, the rationale behind it and details of where you can find it.

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Children's author Andrew Buller making The Rhymers theme tune

Birth of The Rhymers’ Theme Tune

For ages I have wanted to record a theme tune for my Rhymers’ series and I am delighted to have finally realised that goal!!! I really love all the different creative elements that go into the development of my children’s series and the production of this theme tune has been no exception. Within this post I share how I have come from that initial idea to the completed tune.

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The Rhymers early learning books bringing the alphabet alive

The role of rhyme and how it can benefit your child

As the author of the children’s book series “The Rhymers” I understandably have an interest in the role of rhyme within the educational development of children. Within this post I explore how rhyme has influenced me, is so intrinsic to my own writing and how there is overwhelming evidence for its benefits in childhood development.

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Alphabet Rhymers by Andrew Buller teaching children their alphabet through fun and colourful pictures and lots of spotting for each letter

Early learning with The Rhymers

I am incredibly excited to be responding to the feedback of schools, playgroups and individuals asking for The Rhymers to provide early learning opportunities within the book series. One of the great advantages of being self-published is that I can respond quickly to this feedback and this post sets out these current developments and the learning opportunities for young children, covering alphabet, phonics, number, shape, colours and animals learning.

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Meet children's author and illustrator of The Rhymers, Andrew Buller and book him for a school, library or nursery visit to share his wonderful books

How to Illustrate and Create Books for Children

My name is Andrew Buller and I am author of the children’s picture book series The Rhymers. Within this piece I share my writing journey, as well as the tools and techniques I have used to successfully self-publish my books; with currently over 30 books on Amazon at the time of writing this.

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The Rhymers author, illustrator and publisher Andrew Buller

Why I love my job…

As I stood in the woods near my home this morning I was struck by just how much I love what I do! To be establishing as a writer, illustrator, author is totally awesome! Yet that has not always been the case. I had previously reduced work to the mere function of earning money to live – hmmm…I wanted to post this today to encourage anyone thinking of re-evaluating what they do, to do so. Our time on Earth is so precious…

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Who are you? games with The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller

Mid Year Reflections

Please forgive these moments of pure indulgence – reflections of my 2015 so far… At the beginning of the year I stood at home, looking out of the window, the rain pouring down, with no job to go to… Yet I felt strangely calm, content, excited – I had a vision, a possibility, an opportunity to do something full-time that I had always wanted to do. And that vision – to finally stop the talking and get my head down to writing, illustrating and designing my children’s book series, The Rhymers.

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The Rhymers - Vroom & Zoom - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book

Video Rhymers!

Very excited today! My first Rhymers’ YouTube videos have been uploaded! I love the fact that I now have videos of me reading my stories up and out there. I really long to connect with an audience – people who will love my stories, enjoy my characters, and appreciate the positive messages that I am trying to convey within my work. I love the expression that reading my stories aloud has given me – the chance to put the expression in the instinctive places that I want to put it.

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Andrew Buller, author of The Rhymers, visits The Beaney Library to read his books with the children at story time

Marketing – Push The Button!

Writing – love it! Drawing – love it! Drawing it all together and marketing it…hmmmmm…the jury’s out… Here I share my wrestles, as much as a form as therapy, as to encourage others that may be in a similar place!

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