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The Rhymers’ series continues to expand into providing books for pre-school teaching. The latest addition to this is the release of the “Colourful Rhymers” title where The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers teach children each of the common colours. This post allows you to delve into this book, explains the educational thinking behind it and gives details of where you can obtain it.

Colours learning with the Colourful Rhymers in this beautiful children's early learning book

Creating Colourful Rhymers

The Rhymers, by their very nature, are happy, colourful characters and so the development of a colours book was an obvious extension for them. Rhyme Island is an incredibly colourful place to live so it was not difficult to come up with locations and scenarios to fit with each of the common colours. They also share their island with many other colourful characters too and it has been great fun to bring in old favourites and also create some new friends. I also have wanted to bring in as many objects as possible related to that colour, to create busy, fun, energetic pages that grab children’s attention.

Educational strengths

The aims of this book is to be colourful, fun and educational on many levels. As well as the obvious colours learning, there are short, simple rhymes on each page to help children with their reading.

Children have the opportunity to see how the colours are spelt, aided by the Rising Rhymer and Rhymer characters appearing to spell out the appropriate colour word.

There is number learning too, with each page numbered by The Rumbers, Rhyme Island’s number characters. The Rumbers are full of colour, wearing some lovely hats and bow-ties!

There are many things to spot and count that correspond to the correct colour for that page, with answers given at the back of the book. The challenge is to find something that I might have missed – please let me know if you do!

This book gives an opportunity for parents to discuss colour shades with their children. For example, the green page below demonstrates that not every shade of green is the same.

Running through each of The Rhymers’ early learning books is the concept of time. Each story begins at sunrise and ends with the sun setting. I love the ending of this colourful story with the red sky created by the setting sun, as the sleepy red capital Rhymers head off to bed.

At the back of the book there is a double-page spread recapping all the colours we have seen. My character Splat, who appears in each of my “Colour Me Rhymers” story and colouring books, is on hand to help the children, as shown below.

The vision for the Colourful Rhymers title is that it is a colours book that will grow with the child at each stage of their early years development. It has far more to see and discuss than other ‘First Colours’ books on the market and I believe it offers great value for many years of enjoyment. As with my alphabet and numbers books, this title is also intended to be shared with siblings, as younger and older children can each engage with different elements of the book.

Colours learning with the Colourful Rhymers in this beautiful children's early learning book

Purchasing the Colourful Rhymers

This book, along with all my other titles is available from my Amazon pages in both paperback and ebook formats. I hope you and your children really enjoy it and I would love to hear your feedback and receive your Amazon reviews. Thank you.

I have loved writing and illustrating this book and producing such colourful art has made me smile on numerous occasions. I hope you enjoy it too!


I am a children's author and illustrator, creator of The Rhymers' series. I also publish books for others and I am a speaker and tutor.

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