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I am incredibly excited to be responding to the feedback of schools, playgroups and individuals asking for The Rhymers to provide early learning resources within the book series. One of the great advantages of being independently-published is that I can respond quickly to this feedback and this post sets out these current developments and the learning opportunities for young children, covering alphabet, phonics, number, shape, colours and animals learning.

Alphabet Rhymers by Andrew Buller teaching children their alphabet through fun and colourful pictures and lots of spotting for each letter

Alphabet Learning – Alphabet Rhymers

Released at the end of 2015, the Alphabet Rhymers book has been incredibly well received. Full of vibrant pictures, this book is the ideal introduction to the alphabet. The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers take you through the day, spotting lots of alphabet words along the way.

The Alphabet Rhymers book has many layers of learning opportunities within it that will grow with my child. There are chances to spot all sorts of objects and things to count on every page. Very well thought out.Adrian
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Colour Me Rhymers - Kick & Quick - by Andrew Buller - 2 in 1 story and colouring book

Phonics Learning

Each of my Rhymers’ stories has been written with phonetic learning in mind. Discussions with Key Stage One teachers has been incredibly helpful in ensuring that the books can be used as an additional teaching resource to support the children’s phonetic development. The Rhymers’ Kick and Quick is an excellent example of this. Children love the tongue-twisting Vowel Fowl Ducks of “Quack, Queck, Quick, Quock and Quuck”. See them in action in Kick and Quick’s video of their story below.

Colours learning with the Colourful Rhymers in this beautiful children's early learning book

Colours Learning – Colourful Rhymers

As well as the opportunity to learn all the basic colours with the Colourful Rhymers book there are many other chances for discussions with your child on spelling, counting and spotting different objects of that colour, as the screenshots below show. I believe this is a book that will grow with the child and have far greater longevity than other ‘first colours’ books available in the marketplace.

I loved this book. It is very different from other colour books I have seen and lots of fun with the colour spots.Brian
The Rumber Rhymers help children learn their numbers from 1 to 10 with the aid of simple rhymes and lots of fun things to count and spot

Number Learning – Rumber Rhymers

The Rumbers are my number characters that appear as the page numbers in each of my Rhymers books and now the Rumbers are set to have their own book with the current development of the ‘Rumber Rhymers’ book. Within this book children will learn their numbers from one to ten, as well as how to spell the word through spotting The Rising Rhymer characters in each page and also spotting objects of that number on each page. With each of my books I aim to bring in learning across different levels, with the aspiration of older and younger siblings being able to share together my books and take something different from it.

Shapes learning is so much fun with the Shape Up Rhymers as they introduce your child to all the common 2D shapes through simple rhyme and colourful illustrations

Shapes and Animals

Also planned are Rhymers books teaching children their basic 2D shapes and common animals and their sounds, building into a comprehensive set of early learning resources for young children.

Andrew Buller author and illustrator of the children's rhyming alphabet book series The Rhymers

Feedback always welcome

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I love the incredibly responsive and interactive nature of the self-publishing business model. If you have suggestions for further books in this genre, feedback on the work I have out there or any other comments then please get in touch. You can email me direct at info@meettherhymers.com. Alternatively if you would like to discuss how I could work with your nursery, playgroup or school then please contact me at info@andrewbuller.com. Further details can also be found at www.andrewbuller.com.

I am a children's author and illustrator, creator of The Rhymers' series. I also publish books for others and I am a speaker and tutor.

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