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Personalised Rhymers Books

The Rhymers have a wonderful selection of personalised books suitable for numerous occasions. They can help you mark the birth of a new baby or loved one’s birthday. There are two delightful personalised Christmas stories. There are books to record your baby’s first year and their toddler years. Each of the Confident Rhymers books are also available in personalised editions.

The illustrations are delightful and our son will treasure this book for years to come.Parent

Each personalised book costs £25. Every book is a unique creation, including many details specific to the recipient and takes many hours to produce. You can also order a personalised video to accompany every story. Download and complete the order form and email it to author Andrew Buller.

The Rhymers Personalised Books Order Form and Pricing – Word Document

The Rhymers Personalised Books Order Form and Pricing – PDF

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** All of Andrew Buller’s patrons on Patreon are entitled to 20% OFF any personalised book quoting ‘PERSONAL PATRON’ when they order. **

Personalised Videos

You can order your unique video gift to accompany every personalised book purchase when you fill out the order form above.

The Rhymers get ready for… Baby’s Birth

Celebrate the birth of your new baby as The Rhymers help you treasure these wonderful memories. The book includes your child’s name, date of birth, first photograph and scan picture too.

The Rhymers say… “Happy Birthday!”

Every birthday boy or girl’s book is created individually and contains a character to spot special to them. Enjoy a video of your birthday story too!

The Rhymers: Christmas Lamb – starring YOU!

Christmas is coming to Rhyme Island and Sheep, who is having a baby, needs somewhere to stay. Will your child, as the star of the story, be able to help her?

The Rhymers: First Christmas with YOU!

Your child is the star as they travel back in time with The Rhymers to the First Christmas to witness the retelling of the nativity story.

The Rhymers record… Baby’s First Year Adventures

This book uniquely combines a rhyming story with space for adding memories, photographs, dates, art work and dreams from your child’s magical first year of life.

The Rhymers record… Toddler Adventures

The Rhymers love helping you record your toddler’s many wonderful adventures.

Order personalised versions of the Confident Rhymers book series helping your child know they are loved, gifted and special

Confident Rhymers Personalised Series

Each of the Confident Rhymers seven-part series will be available as a personalised book. This is a wonderful way for children to know that they are loved, have unique gifts, can share their feelings and worries, and that they are special just as they are.

Personalised Places books from The rhymers and their author and illustrator Andrew Buller creating unique books that celebrate the beauty, history and character of each place

Personalise Places

Our author Andrew Buller can be contacted for commission work to create an illustrated story that celebrates the uniqueness of your place. As well as promoting villages, towns and cities, titles can be produced for tourist attractions, heritage sites and more. The Rhymers are also happy to travel abroad!