Confident Rhymers

Order personalised versions of the Confident Rhymers book series helping your child know they are loved, gifted and special

Confident Rhymers – starring YOU!

Each of the Confident Rhymers seven-part series will be available as a personalised book. These books are a wonderful way for children to know that they are loved, have unique gifts, can share their feelings and worries, and that they are special just as they are. Find out much more about these books at the dedicated Confident Rhymers pages.

It is wonderful to have found a book series that helps us reinforce to our daughter how unique and special she is and how much she is loved unconditionally.Parent

Confident Rhymers Know They Are Loved written and illustrated by Andrew Buller. This book helps children grow in confidence by knowing that they are loved unconditionally.

Each personalised book costs £25. Every book is a unique creation, including many details specific to the recipient and takes many hours to produce. You can also order a personalised video to accompany every story. Download and complete the order form and email it to author Andrew Buller.

The Rhymers Personalised Books Order Form and Pricing – Word Document

The Rhymers Personalised Books Order Form and Pricing – PDF

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** All of Andrew Buller’s patrons on Patreon are entitled to 20% OFF any personalised book quoting ‘PERSONAL PATRON’ when they order. **