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I am delighted to launch my NHS Fundraiser today on Just Giving through the creation of a new book ‘The Rhymers help us say Thank You’. I am raising money for NHS Charities Together through sponsorship of the production of this book and royalties from subsequent sales.

Like many, I’m sure, I have been looking on with incredible awe and gratitude to the tireless work of our key workers, particularly our NHS staff. I have been desperately wanting to make a contribution myself and this fundraiser is my humble attempt at that.

I have been struck by the beautiful way children have been saying thank you to our workers and observed the profound positive changes this has had on the attitudes of our nation. Therefore, I wanted to create a book to reflect something of this…

The outline story has already been written and over the next couple of weeks I want to develop the illustrations. I would love for children and parents to engage with this project and for them to send me photos or scans of their children’s thank you pictures for our workers. These will be included within the story pages and a ‘Thank You Gallery’ at the end of the book. Please email meettherhymers@gmail.com including your child’s first name, age and a short story about the picture if you wish. All work received will also appear in The Rhymers Gallery on this site.

As I continue to develop the illustrations I will be sharing my draft work on this website, my Just Giving fundraiser and across my social media platforms.

On a personal note this project has become a huge blessing during lockdown. I have had the privilege to work with my Dad on the writing due to staying with my parents to support and shield them. Dad and I often work together on my stories, but to have an extended opportunity to collaborate has been wonderful – well for me anyway – please don’t ask him his opinion!!

I am a children's author and illustrator, creator of The Rhymers' series. I also publish books for others and I am a speaker and tutor.

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  1. Andrew has spent most of his waking hours, plus many dreams, in formulating this tribute to the Key Workers. He recognises that children need positive role models and so the characters within the story will exemplify this. Hopefully the whole family will find much to think about through both the text and the illustrations which we have discussed, but are yet to come to life. I hope this project inspires you to donate to the great cause through the JustGiving link and like me, look forward to holding the finished book.

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