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I have been working with Speech Link, a national company who enable schools to support pupils with speech, language and communication needs. They recommend my work to schools and have featured my books within their Link magazine in a feature on the importance of rhyme in the educational development of children.


Reviews Received for The Rhymers

AndrewBullerBelow is a selection of the kind words people have already shared about my work. A HUGE thank you! If you would like to leave me a message or ask me any questions, please post at the bottom of this page.

Fun and educational! Got Vroom & Zoom’s story for my 4 year old son and he loves it! Has become the new favourite bed time story. Characters are fun and illustrations are bright and bold. We are also (trying) to teach him the alphabet and this series will be a great help!James
This is the 4th Rhymer book I have bought and like the previous three I was not disappointed. A fun-filled book, beautifully illustrated with a well constructed and thought provoking story line.B & K
I am so pleased with the beautiful personalised birthday book for my daughter. She loved how much her character looked like her. Having her favourite toy in the pictures as a spotting game was delightful. I cannot recommend this book more highly!Sarah
My child loves this story about the pup who gets into muddles, just like him. It’s rare to find a story which understands what it is like to find learning difficult and that it is okay to be different, even when you try so hard to get everything right. The lovely pictures make Sam giggle too. He really enjoys spotting the other characters as they appear and finding them on the back cover!Amazon Customer
I liked ‘Egg and Leg’ a lot because it was a jumpy and spinny book. I liked the egg hunt, it was fun. 10/10 Amazing!R
The Colourful Rhymers book is beautifully drawn, nice and simple and enjoyable to read. The identifying of all the different items on the pages in the colours gives longevity to the use of the book, while it can be enjoyed and used at a more basic level.Ian M
What a wonderful Christmas story. I know we are going to be enjoying Christmas Lamb for many years to come! Gorgeous illustrations and thought provoking.Steve
Another beautiful and colourful book from Andrew Buller. Lovely to read out loud and enjoy the rhythms and characters.Elsa
It’s really funny when the tricks all go wrong and take over from Izzy and Whizzy. Spotting where the cards are hiding is also fun. We love the bright colours in this story.Amazon Customer
I loved Kick and Quick, can’t wait for the release of further books in this series!Brian
We have laughed so much when trying to get our tongues around Mubble Pup’s tongue twisters with each of The Rhymers. Such a brilliant book and a really novel concept. Great for speech and language development too.June
These lower case letters really come to life in this lovely simple story for young children to understand and talk about. The vibrant colours of the illustrations really keep our grandson interested.Amazon Customer
It was really funny when Zoom changed colour.Henry
From the very beginning you are teased into thinking that things in Hairy and Scary’s book may frighten you, even though they will not really. Hide and Seek is a game that young children love to play and “BOO!” a very early word that makes them giggle, so here is the perfect story to bring home the message that we can overcome our fears with the help of others. So cleverly written and illustrated with simplicity, yet with so much to see and talk about as you chuckle together. Our H loves it!Amazon Customer
I loved it when Kick went SPLASH! So funny!Charlie
Just perfect! The “Rumbers” are fun, but clearly the numbers too. Each bright and cheerful page has lots to see and talk about. Each time this book is chosen there is more to chuckle about. What a great way to be introduced to counting!Amazon Customer
Our grandson is loving Over and Under’s colouring and story book, his second in the series! He is 4 and just learning the letters. He has learnt some of it by heart and always chooses this book at bedtime! Must buy him another one in series!John P
WOW. Here is the full story of the adventure of Vroom and Zoom, but in a version that my granddaughter can colour to her heart’s content. The clever use of rhythm and rhyme to move the action on is really helping her use of language too. Even the back cover has lots to talk about. Well done. I see each story can be found as a colouring book too so there’s hours more fun to come.Amazon Customer
What a great puzzle book, so many fun activities and such variety too. Loved the links to the story ‘Egg and Leg’ which we also thoroughly enjoyed. Great value, will definitely be buying more.Kim
Hours of colouring fun, but with a lovely story too! Mubble Pup tries so very hard to get things right…. and the children could see why he wasn’t succeeding! It is so important that children realise how being different makes us all special. The back cover shows all the Rhymers characters and this has been very good for letter spotting. Such fun! Lovely rhymes and rhythms make the story very enjoyable each time it is read.Malcolm
Oh dear! What a chaotic person to live with. Poor Crash seems so accident prone. A really uplifting story to help our granddaughter realise that we all make mistakes, but trying hard to do something positive will bring success. The reading rhythms and rhymes really help with her reading and she loves drawing the characters based on the lively illustrations.Amazon Customer
Egg & Leg’s Colour Me Rhymers book was perfect for my 5 year old nephew – kept him occupied for ages!Lesley
What a lovely twist on so many old favourites! The Rhymers characters blend with the Nursery Rhyme characters to make young and old chuckle out loud. The illustrations are so bright and cheerful too with plenty to see and discuss on every page.Amazon Customer
Our 4 year old grandson couldn’t get enough of this book and he was tracing the “v” and “z” letters with his finger. He also enjoyed the colouring book that went with it even though colouring is not his favourite occupation!Wendy P
We love the colourful illustrations that engage with the reader. Our grandson loves them! There is so much to see and this leads to lovely discussions. The predictions about what will happen next bring the story to life and the big surprise is really funny. I think all grandparents will relate to poor old Nap who just needs a few minutes peace! Well done. This book will stay a favourite for a long time.Amazon Customer
I loved Kick’s trick when he kicked the ball to Quack, Queck, Quick, Quock and Quuck.  100/100 Cool!R
Colour jumps out from every page! An excellent early learning book which has so much more to offer….. There are simple rhymes to re-enforce the colour names; there’s the spelling of the colour as well as lots of things to spot and name. Even the page numbers join in the action! I like the back page list for parents too! A great resource!Amazon Customer

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The Rhymers Vroom & Zoom

Vroom & Zoom

Vroom and Zoom play in the clouds, rest in the clouds and even eat the clouds. But when Zoom decides he wants a different taste from somewhere he knows he shouldn’t go, will Vroom be fast enough to stop him?

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The Rhymers - Kick & Quick

Kick & Quick

Quick is spending all his time with the Vowel Fowl, getting ready for their Duck Day Dance. Poor Kick is left on his own, until he decides what the Duck Dance needs is him joining in…SPLASH! But how welcome will he be?

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The Rhymers - Egg & LegEgg & Leg

Spring is springing, eggs are cracking…such happy sounds, unless you are Egg. Poor Egg is scrambled and when he rolls away, Leg can’t find him anywhere. Let the Egg hunt begin! Can you help?

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The Rhymers - Izzy & WhizzyIzzy & Whizzy

There is magic in the Rhyme Island air. Izzy and Whizzy can feel it, but so can Magik Mubble Pup. When he turns his paw to magic poor Izzy and Whizzy are the ones all muddled up. How will their magic show go?

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TheRhymers-PopandTop-Large-FrontCoverPop & Top

Bubble Shop is bubbling with excitement, as Pop and Top get ready for their Big Bubble Gig. Their dream? To blow the biggest bubble ever seen! Will their dream come true, or will their bubble burst?

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TheRhymers-FlexandX-Large-FrontCoverFlex & X

Flex and X feel empty. Perhaps Flex Flakes for breakfast or X’s treasure hunt will help? As they dig deeper and deeper and deeper, is there anything that can make their holes whole?

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TheRhymers-GiggleandJiggle-Large-FrontCoverGiggle & Jiggle

Jelly Jug is jiggling and giggling. It’s Jolly Jelly Party today. Giggle and Jiggle can’t wait, but nor can the sizzling sun and the jelly’s not setting, it’s so upsetting! How can their party be jolly, without any jolly jelly?

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TheRhymers-HairyandScary-Large-FrontCoverHairy & Scary

Scary and Hairy love being hairy and scary, or do they? Is there something deeper lurking inside? Come deep into the darkest, hairiest, scariest part of Rhyme Woods to find out, if you’re brave enough?

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TheRhymers-OverandUnder-Large-FrontCoverOver & Under

Go over or under? Could you agree which? Over and Under can’t, until Turtle shows them a different way. But will the new peace and quiet last?

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TheRhymers-MimeandRhyme-Large-FrontCoverMime & Rhyme

Rhyme and Mime are getting ready for their garden party until the mean, chill wind blows. All the plants fall sick, Mime stops miming and for the first time ever Rhyme stops rhyming! What will they do?

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TheRhymers-NapandYap-Large-FrontCoverNap & Yap

Nap loves to sleep and dream, but he can’t with Yap yapping day and night. Yap needs to know why, to everything. He has so many questions. But the biggest question of all – will Nap ever find peace to dream again?

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TheRhymers-CrashandDash-Large-FrontCoverCrash & Dash

Everything around poor Crash is crashing – the plates, his house and even him. Dash knows that his Rhymer needs help and fast, but how?

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TheRhymers-AceandBass-Large-FrontCoverAce & Bass

Ace and Bass love their music. They need a new song for their show, but when their strums and drums wake up glum, what can they do?

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TheRisingRhymers-NapandYap-FrontCoverNap & Yap

Little Yap has lots of energy and plenty to say. Little Nap goes along to the park, but does he really want to play?

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Learning your alphabet - Dyslexia support - rhyming children's stories - The Rhymers - Mubble Pup - by Andrew BullerMubble Pup

Have you ever got muddled up? Mubble Pup does all the time and now he wants to tell you his mubbled story. He really hopes you will lick it!

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Rhyming for kids - Learning the Alphabet - Children's Learning - Alphabet RhymersAlphabet Rhymers

Full of vibrant pictures, this is the ideal introduction to the alphabet. The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers take you through the day, spotting lots of alphabet words along the way. Perfect for parents and children to share the fun of learning together.

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RumberRhymers-FrontCoverRumber Rhymers

Have fun with the Rumbers, while learning your NUMBERS! Finding, naming and counting objects, foods and animals re-enforces each different number on each vibrant page.

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ColourfulRhymers-FrontCoverColourful Rhymers

The Rhymers help your child recognise their colours by finding and naming the animals, foods and objects appearing in the delightful illustrations on each page.

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NurseryRhymers-FrontcoverNursery Rhymers

The Rhymers help your child recognise their colours by finding and naming the animals, foods and objects appearing in the delightful illustrations on each page.

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