News from The Rhymers children's rhyming alphabet book series and their author, illustrator and publisher Andrew Buller

News from The Rhymers & author Andrew Buller

Keep up-to-date with news from The Rhymers with their acclaimed children’s rhyming alphabet book series, as well as the work of their author and illustrator Andrew Buller.

The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller love getting out and about and sharing stories and expertise in the art of self-publishing and creative writing. Below is a flavour of some of the things they have been up to. If you would like to book Andrew Buller for an event then please send a message to

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Oct 19

Confident Rhymers Complete Collection

The Complete Collection of all of the books from the Confident Rhymers series written and illustrated by Andrew Buller. This book series helps children grow in confidence by knowing how much they are loved, unique, special and talented.

I am delighted that the Confident Rhymers Complete Collection is now available. This includes all seven books helping children know they are loved, to use their gifts, share their feelings, work out worries, know they are unique, be good friends and know they are special. The compilation also includes pages unique to it.


Aug 19

Confident Rhymers Endorsement

Endorsement for the Confident Rhymers book series improving child mental health from the Diocese of Canterbury Board of Education.

I am delighted to have received endorsement for the Confident Rhymers book series from the Diocese of Canterbury Board of Education.


Jul 19

Books being enjoyed

A child enjoying the Rumber Rhymers numbers learning book written and illustrated by Andrew Buller

I was really delighted to hear about this three year old enjoying my numbers learning book. According to her grandmother she has been reading it for three days in a row and the grandmother is a little tired now of hearing the rhymes!


Mar 19

Confident Rhymers Release

Confident Rhymers Know They Are Loved written and illustrated by Andrew Buller. This book helps children grow in confidence by knowing that they are loved unconditionally.

The first book in the Confident Rhymers seven-part book series has been released. It helps children to know how much they are loved.


Jan 19

Support Andrew Buller’s Crowdfunding

Andrew Buller has launched his crowdfunding campaign to raise £7,000 to help fund the writing, illustrating and publishing of a seven book series raising the confidence and self-esteem of young children. You can donate for this incredibly valuable project on Andrew Buller’s Just Giving page. Thank you so much.



Nov 18

Christmas Nativity Story

The Rhymers - First Christmas - by Andrew Buller - a beautiful retelling of the nativity story with the alphabet characters spelling the key words from the tale

The Rhymers are excited to release this charming, colourful version of the Christmas Nativity Story. This is also available as a personalised edition which makes a wonderful Christmas gift.


Jul 18

Running WordPress Workshops

WordPress Workshops for creatives run by author, publisher and web designer Andrew Buller

Andrew Buller shares his experience in creating WordPress websites with others in his WordPress Workshops. Find out more about his website development services. Contact Andrew for help with your website.


Jul 18

New Personalised Birth Books

Order this beautiful personalised birth book from The Rhymers for your new baby

The Rhymers are very excited to offer their new personalised birth books celebrating the birth of every new born baby. This wonderful gift includes space for Baby’s scan picture, their first photograph and their name and date of birth. This will make a wonderful present to be treasured for years.



May 18

Home Author Visits

Home school author visits from Andrew Buller, author and illustrator of The Rhymers

Andrew Buller loved sharing his books and educational resources with these delightful home-schooled children recently. If you would like to book him for a home author visit then email


Apr 18

Book Sales

The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller at the Petham Church book sale

The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller have been out and about at a number of book sales recently. Recent events include Vineyard Church’s Easter Extravaganza and beautiful Petham Church’s table top sale. Andrew has been attending these events with fellow Canterbury Creatives which has been great to support one another. Many other events are coming up so I look forward to seeing you in the near future.


Apr 18

Books in Made by Kent shop

Andrew Buller is delighted that his Rhymers books are now on sale in the gorgeous Made by Kent shop in Staplehurst, in the heart of the Weald of Kent. The shop is delightful and full of beautiful things produced by Kent creatives. Pop along and buy one!


Apr 18

“But Nana” OUT NOW!

The beautiful “But Nana” written by Patricia Brookhouse and published by Andrew Buller Books is available now on Amazon. This charming tale explores God in creation and God in the ordinary. It is a wonderful conversation starter between child and adult about the mysteries of our Creator. All of the proceeds of this book will be donated to Mary’s Meals who’s global vision is that every child deserves an education and enough to eat.


Feb 18

The Rhymers at the Nativity

The Rhymers - First Christmas - by Andrew Buller - a beautiful retelling of the nativity story with the alphabet characters spelling the key words from the tale

Development of a new book where The Rhymers help retell the Christmas story is underway this festive season to be available in plenty of time for next Christmas!


Feb 18

Harbledown Hope featured in Unified News

Harbledown Hope by Catching Lives and Andrew Buller featured within Unified newspaper article

The work Andrew Buller has been doing with Catching Lives homeless clients on the Harbledown book series features within a beautifully written articlehighlighting what a positive impact this project has had on people’s lives.


Jan 18

Andrew Buller Books

Andrew Buller now offers his publishing services to others through Andrew Buller Books. With a wealth of experience and over 60 book titles published, he longs to share what he has learnt to fulfil your publishing dream.



Oct 17

Front Window of Bookshop

Harbledown Hope shines out in a beautiful front window display at the Catching Lives bookshop. Visit this beautiful and historic building with the crooked door in Palace Street, Canterbury and purchase your copy of our book. Find out much more about this project on Andrew Buller’s dedicated Catching Lives pages.


Oct 17

Harbledown Hope launched

Harbledown Hope is the first book to be written and illustrated by the incredibly talented clients at Catching Lives and co-authored by Andrew Buller. It will be launched on the 10th October 2017 to coincide with World Homeless Day. The launch takes place at Catching Lives’ open centre in Canterbury at 2.30pm and again at 6.30pm.

Harbledown Hope is about a young orphaned fox’s traumatic journey, drawing on the challenges and experiences faced by the homeless. It is a story of hardship, pain, loss and discrimination, but through friendship, courage and sacrifice, comes hope.


Aug 17

Rhymers Reach 50

The Rhymers celebrate the release of the 50th book in their ever-growing series! So please forgive this moment of self-indulgence, as their author and illustrator Andrew Buller reflects on some personal highlights and favourite stories – and raises his bat to celebrate the half-century!


Jul 17

Shape Up Rhymers!

Shapes learning is so much fun with the Shape Up Rhymers as they introduce your child to all the common 2D shapes through simple rhyme and colourful illustrations

The number of early learning books within The Rhymers series keeps growing. The most recent addition is the delightful Shape Up Rhymers. This book teaches young children their common 2D shapes in a colourful and engaging way with simple rhyming text.


May 17

The Rhymers Link with Speech Link

Andrew Buller has been working closely with the wonderful people at Speech Link who enable schools to support pupils with speech, language and communication needs. They have featured Andrew’s work in the latest issue of their national Link magazine in an article exploring the importance of rhyme in children’s educational development. Andrew has also provided a free puzzle book to all who receive the magazine.


Apr 17

Personalised Birthday Books

Personalised birthday books from The Rhymers for you or a loved one making the perfect birthday gift

The Rhymers now have beautiful personalised birthday books for sale. Simply contact author Andrew Buller and he can ensure you or a loved one receives a birthday gift they will treasure forever. The book will feature you or your loved one as well as a favourite thing of your choice to spot. Let The Rhymers say…”Happy Birthday!”


Feb 17

TimeOut for The Rhymers

The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller visit TimeOut in Canterbury to share their books. Mubble Pup enjoyed his day out too!


Jan 17

First Words of 2017

The Rising Rhymers share their first words in a beautiful early learning book that teaches children their alphabet and over one hundred first words in a fun and colourful way

The Rhymers share their first words of 2017 with their gorgeous First Words alphabet book. This book is full of colour and teaches children their alphabet and over 100 first words. The Rhymers bring learning to life!


Dec 16

New Mubble Pup Toy

Andrew Buller receives a new Mubble Pup toy for Christmas made by his very lovely and talented Dad!


Dec 16

A Rhymer Christmas

The Rhymers - Christmas Lamb by Andrew Buller - inspired by the traditional nativity story

The Rhymers have just released a beautiful set of Christmas books. Read the wonderful story of Christmas Lamb. Sheep is having a baby, but she can’t find anywhere to stay and it is beginning to snow. Will The Rhymers be able to help?

Accompanying this is a colouring and story book, as well as a puzzle book bulging with festive word searches, mazes, crosswords, spot the differences, games and much more.


Nov 16

The Rhymers in Bookshops

The Rhymers books are now available within the beautiful Catching Lives bookshop in Canterbury. Look out for the shop with the crooked door! All proceeds from the sale of their books go to Catching Lives homeless charity.


Jun 16

Speaking in France

Andrew Buller ran highly-successful writing workshops at a literary festival in France. He shared the work he has been undertaking with the homeless clients at Catching Lives in writing and illustrating their own book series. Interactive creative sessions involved sharing ideas in both English and French which was fun!


May 16

Rhymers go to Nursery

Andrew Buller loved sharing The Rhymers’ stories with the children at Tankerton Bay Nursery School, particularly his new Rumber Rhymers’ book. The children did some lovely colouring too that can be seen in The Rhymers’ Gallery.


May 16

Publishing for others

Andrew Buller has helped local poet and illustrator Joan Osborn realise her dream of seeing her book in print. She was so delighted with how it turned out. I can offer the same friendly, reliable and cost-effective publishing service to you.


Mar 16

Creation Rhymers

Let the Creation Rhymers help you retell the creation story in a new and innovative way, full of colour and rhyme

In the new Creation Rhymers book The Rising Rhymers help God create Creation. They are the letters that make up the words when He speaks the world into existence. This is a wonderfully innovative and colourful way of learning the creation story. There is so much to spot and enjoy. So let there be words!


Dec 15

Tongue Twisting Fun!

The Rhymers - Mubble Pup's Mubble Twisters - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book & tongue twisting fun

Mubble Pup, The Rhymers’ adorable dog, shares his first tongue twisting book that is guaranteed to get tongues young and old all tied up. This book is fun and great for speech and language development too.


Nov 15

Folkestone Book Festival

Andrew Buller and The Rhymers had a great time appearing at the Folkestone Book Festival sharing their stories. They were available to meet and greet, and sign their books too.


Nov 15

Self-Publishing Talks

The Rhymers author, illustrator and publisher Andrew Buller

Andrew Buller shared his expertise in the art of self-publishing children’s books to the University of the 3rd Age. The talk was very well received and generated a lot of discussions.Book Andrew Buller for a talk to your group too.


Nov 15

Meet The Rising Rhymers

The Rising Rhymers - Nap & Yap - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book

Meet The Rising Rhymers, the same alphabet characters as little letters. The release of Nap and Yap is the first book in this new series. The stories are slightly shorter in length and simpler in structure to cater for a younger audience.


Oct 15

Creative Writing Workshops

Andrew Buller ran a creative writing workshop as part of the homeless charity Catching Lives’ literary festival with European partners. The workshop celebrated the work he has been doing with Catching Lives clients in writing and illustrating their own books.


Oct 15

Back to School

Andrew Buller returned to his former primary school in Staplehurst sharing The Rhymers’ stories. He worked with Year 2 and Year 6 children throughout the day and inspired many.


Sep 15

Alphabet Learning

Alphabet Rhymers by Andrew Buller teaching children their alphabet through fun and colourful pictures and lots of spotting for each letter

The Rhymers release their first early learning book, Alphabet Rhymers. It teaches children their alphabet through the fun and colourful characters. Both the capital and little letter characters are on hand throughout the book. There are so many things to spot and discuss on each vibrant page.


Sep 15

Introducing Mubble Pup

The Rhymers - Mubble Pup - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book

Welcome to Mubble Pup, The Rhymers’ loveable dog, in his first story. Mubble Pup is always getting muddled up, but The Rhymers encourage him to celebrate who he his. This is his book, doing just that!


Sep 15

Going to Playgroup

Andrew Buller visited his former playgroup in Staplehurst to share his books. He had great fun reading his stories and chatting with the children.


Aug 15

Final book in The Rhymers first series

The Rhymers - Ace & Bass - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book

In less than a year The Rhymers have released the final book in their first series. Read Ace and Bass in their fun adventure in search of a new song, following nature’s strum and drum.


Aug 15

Library Visits

The Beaney Library in Canterbury welcomed Andrew Buller and The Rhymers for their story time. The children loved sharing the stories and the arguing Over and Under were their favourites!


Jul 15

Careers Day

Andrew Buller shared his passion at following his dreams to become a published children’s author with children at Bodsham School. Many children now want to become authors too!


Jun 15

Brave enough to read The Rhymers new book?

The Rhymers - Hairy & Scary - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book

Will you meet Hairy and Scary in their new Rhymers adventure? Will you judge this book by its cover, or will you delve deep inside?


May 15

Inspiring the next generation

Year 7 students from Chatham and Clarendon School were guided through the process of writing stories for a younger audience and encouraged to work hard and follow their dreams.


Mar 15

Happy Easter from The Rhymers

The Rhymers - Egg & Leg - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book

The Rhymers release their story Egg and Leg in time for Easter. When worried and scrambled Egg rolls away his Rhymer Leg can’t find his friend. Let the Egg hunt begin!


Feb 15

The Rhymers’ First Book!

The Rhymers - Vroom & Zoom - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book

Author Andrew Buller is incredibly excited to have fulfilled his life-long dream – his first book is now in print! The Rhymers Vroom and Zoom has just been released. Follow the lives of these and many other characters in this rhyming alphabet series in the books to come.