News from The Rhymers children's rhyming alphabet book series and their author, illustrator and publisher Andrew Buller

News from The Rhymers & author Andrew Buller

Keep up-to-date with news from The Rhymers with their acclaimed children’s rhyming alphabet book series, as well as the work of their author and illustrator Andrew Buller.

The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller love getting out and about and sharing stories and expertise in the art of self-publishing and creative writing. Below is a flavour of some of the things they have been up to. If you would like to book Andrew Buller for an event then please send a message to

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Oct 19

Confident Rhymers Complete Collection

The Complete Collection of all of the books from the Confident Rhymers series written and illustrated by Andrew Buller. This book series helps children grow in confidence by knowing how much they are loved, unique, special and talented.

I am delighted that the Confident Rhymers Complete Collection is now available. This includes all seven books helping children know they are loved, to use their gifts, share their feelings, work out worries, know they are unique, be good friends and know they are special. The compilation also includes pages unique to it.


Aug 19

Confident Rhymers Endorsement

Endorsement for the Confident Rhymers book series improving child mental health from the Diocese of Canterbury Board of Education.

I am delighted to have received endorsement for the Confident Rhymers book series from the Diocese of Canterbury Board of Education.


Jul 19

Books being enjoyed

A child enjoying the Rumber Rhymers numbers learning book written and illustrated by Andrew Buller

I was really delighted to hear about this three year old enjoying my numbers learning book. According to her grandmother she has been reading it for three days in a row and the grandmother is a little tired now of hearing the rhymes!


Mar 19

Confident Rhymers Release

Confident Rhymers Know They Are Loved written and illustrated by Andrew Buller. This book helps children grow in confidence by knowing that they are loved unconditionally.

The first book in the Confident Rhymers seven-part book series has been released. It helps children to know how much they are loved.


Jan 19

Support Andrew Buller’s Crowdfunding

Andrew Buller has launched his crowdfunding campaign to raise £7,000 to help fund the writing, illustrating and publishing of a seven book series raising the confidence and self-esteem of young children. You can donate for this incredibly valuable project on Andrew Buller’s Just Giving page. Thank you so much.



Nov 18

Christmas Nativity Story

The Rhymers - First Christmas - by Andrew Buller - a beautiful retelling of the nativity story with the alphabet characters spelling the key words from the tale

The Rhymers are excited to release this charming, colourful version of the Christmas Nativity Story. This is also available as a personalised edition which makes a wonderful Christmas gift.


Jul 18

Running WordPress Workshops

WordPress Workshops for creatives run by author, publisher and web designer Andrew Buller

Andrew Buller shares his experience in creating WordPress websites with others in his WordPress Workshops. Find out more about his website development services. Contact Andrew for help with your website.


Jul 18

New Personalised Birth Books

Order this beautiful personalised birth book from The Rhymers for your new baby

The Rhymers are very excited to offer their new personalised birth books celebrating the birth of every new born baby. This wonderful gift includes space for Baby’s scan picture, their first photograph and their name and date of birth. This will make a wonderful present to be treasured for years.



May 18

Home Author Visits

Home school author visits from Andrew Buller, author and illustrator of The Rhymers

Andrew Buller loved sharing his books and educational resources with these delightful home-schooled children recently. If you would like to book him for a home author visit then email


Apr 18

Book Sales

The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller at the Petham Church book sale

The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller have been out and about at a number of book sales recently. Recent events include Vineyard Church’s Easter Extravaganza and beautiful Petham Church’s table top sale. Andrew has been attending these events with fellow Canterbury Creatives which has been great to support one another. Many other events are coming up so I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

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