News from The Rhymers children's rhyming alphabet book series and their author, illustrator and publisher Andrew Buller

News from The Rhymers & author Andrew Buller

Keep up-to-date with news from The Rhymers with their acclaimed children’s rhyming alphabet book series, as well as the work of their author and illustrator Andrew Buller.

The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller love getting out and about and sharing stories and expertise in the art of self-publishing and creative writing. Below is a flavour of some of the things they have been up to. If you would like to book Andrew Buller for an event then please send a message to

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Apr 17

Personalised Birthday Books

Personalised birthday books from The Rhymers for you or a loved one making the perfect birthday gift

The Rhymers now have beautiful personalised birthday books for sale. Simply contact author Andrew Buller and he can ensure you or a loved one receives a birthday gift they will treasure forever. The book will feature you or your loved one as well as a favourite thing of your choice to spot. Let The Rhymers say…”Happy Birthday!”


Feb 17

TimeOut for The Rhymers

The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller visit TimeOut in Canterbury to share their books. Mubble Pup enjoyed his day out too!


Jan 17

First Words of 2017

The Rising Rhymers share their first words in a beautiful early learning book that teaches children their alphabet and over one hundred first words in a fun and colourful way

The Rhymers share their first words of 2017 with their gorgeous First Words alphabet book. This book is full of colour and teaches children their alphabet and over 100 first words. The Rhymers bring learning to life!


Dec 16

New Mubble Pup Toy

Andrew Buller receives a new Mubble Pup toy for Christmas made by his very lovely and talented Dad!


Dec 16

A Rhymer Christmas

The Rhymers - Christmas Lamb by Andrew Buller - inspired by the traditional nativity story

The Rhymers have just released a beautiful set of Christmas books. Read the wonderful story of Christmas Lamb. Sheep is having a baby, but she can’t find anywhere to stay and it is beginning to snow. Will The Rhymers be able to help?

Accompanying this is a colouring and story book, as well as a puzzle book bulging with festive word searches, mazes, crosswords, spot the differences, games and much more.


Nov 16

The Rhymers in Bookshops

The Rhymers books are now available within the beautiful Catching Lives bookshop in Canterbury. Look out for the shop with the crooked door! All proceeds from the sale of their books go to Catching Lives homeless charity.


Jun 16

Speaking in France

Andrew Buller ran highly-successful writing workshops at a literary festival in France. He shared the work he has been undertaking with the homeless clients at Catching Lives in writing and illustrating their own book series. Interactive creative sessions involved sharing ideas in both English and French which was fun!


May 16

Rhymers go to Nursery

Andrew Buller loved sharing The Rhymers’ stories with the children at Tankerton Bay Nursery School, particularly his new Rumber Rhymers’ book. The children did some lovely colouring too that can be seen in The Rhymers’ Gallery.


May 16

Publishing for others

Andrew Buller has helped local poet and illustrator Joan Osborn realise her dream of seeing her book in print. She was so delighted with how it turned out. I can offer the same friendly, reliable and cost-effective publishing service to you.


Mar 16

Creation Rhymers

Let the Creation Rhymers help you retell the creation story in a new and innovative way, full of colour and rhyme

In the new Creation Rhymers book The Rising Rhymers help God create Creation. They are the letters that make up the words when He speaks the world into existence. This is a wonderfully innovative and colourful way of learning the creation story. There is so much to spot and enjoy. So let there be words!