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Our Rhymers have so much fun on Rhyme Island and long to share their stories with you. Each book is full of colour and rhyme. The bold and simple illustrations are perfect for early letter recognition.

The Rhymers - Ace & Bass - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book

The Rhymers

Each of The Rhymers in their rhyming pairs from Ace and Bass to Vroom and Zoom want to share their adventures with you. Each title is available as a combined story and colouring book. Many have accompanying puzzle books too.

Enjoy Kick & Quick’s story below. It reads best in a full-screen view.

Colouring and story book from The Rising Rhymers - Nap & Yap - by Andrew Buller - educational, early learning rhyming alphabet children's books

The Rising Rhymers

Enjoy the stories of The Rising Rhymers, the same alphabet characters as little letters. The books are slightly shorter in length and simpler text to support younger readers.

The Rhymers - Mubble Pup's Mubble Twisters - by Andrew Buller - early learning children's rhyming alphabet book & tongue twisting fun

Mubble Pup & Puppy

Mubble Pup, Rhyme Island’s loveable dog, would love to share his stories. His Mubble Puppy story tells of when he first arrived at Rhyme Island. He would love to share his birthday book and get your tongue tangled with his Mubble Twisters!

The Rising Rhymers share their first words in a beautiful early learning book that teaches children their alphabet and over one hundred first words in a fun and colourful way

Early Learning

The Rhymers have many books for alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, counting and first words learning.

Order this beautiful personalised birth book from The Rhymers for your new baby

Personalised Books

The Rhymers have a wonderful selection of personalised books to celebrate a baby’s birth, a birthday and Christmas. There are baby first year and toddler record books too.

Confident Rhymers Know They Are Loved written and illustrated by Andrew Buller. This book helps children grow in confidence by knowing that they are loved unconditionally.

Confident Rhymers

The Confident Rhymers would love to help your child know how much they are loved, how unique and special they are through their seven book series.

Let the Creation Rhymers help you retell the creation story in a new and innovative way, full of colour and rhyme

Christian Books

The Rhymers have beautiful books for Christmas and Easter, as well as a wonderful retelling of the creation story.

The Rhymers help us say Thank You written by Andrew Buller to thank all our key workers and raise money for NHS Charities Together

Rhymers Book NHS Fundraiser

We are creating a new children’s book titled ‘The Rhymers help us say Thank You‘ to support our wonderful NHS and say thank you to all our amazing key workers.

Support The Rhymers NHS Fundraiser

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