Enjoy reading The Rhymers' beautifully illustrated rhyming alphabet books

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Our Rhymers have so many stories for you. They have so much fun on Rhyme Island and long to share that with you. Each book is full of colour and rhyme. The bold and simple illustrations are great for early letter recognition.


Each of our rhyming pairs from Ace and Bass to Vroom and Zoom want to share their adventures with you. Mubble Pup, Rhyme Island’s dizzy-leg-sick dog, would love to tell you his stories too. Details of each can be found under the stories menu. You can read about the characters as capital Rhymers and as little letter Rising Rhymers too.

There are books for alphabet, colours, shapes and numbers learning, as well as a wonderful Nursery Rhymers book where The Rhymers make favourite nursery rhymes their own. There are personalised birthday, Christmas and Easter books too.

Childen's Rhyming Books - Rhyming for kids - Learning your alphabet - The Rhymers - Ace & Bass - Andrew Buller Rhyming for kids - Learning the Alphabet - Children's Learning - The Rising Rhymers - Nap and Yap Learning your alphabet - Dyslexia support - rhyming children's stories - The Rhymers - Mubble Pup - by Andrew Buller First words alphabet learning fun with The Rising Rhymers - over 100 first words for children to learn RumberRhymers-ebook-cover Colours learning with this simple rhyming Colourful Rhymers book The Rhymers bring a new twist to favourite nursery rhymes in their Nursery Rhymers book that also helps children learn their alphabet with the fun rhymes and colourful illustrations Creation story with The Rising Rhymers helping God speak the world into existence Personalised birthday books with The Rhymers - saying Happy Birthday to a loved one with this beautiful, unique, personalised gift

Happy reading!

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