Early Learning

The Rhymers love to help make learning fun and they have many bright and colourful early learning books for you and your child to enjoy. There are alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and first words books, as well as many others planned so watch this space!

Rhyming for kids - Learning the Alphabet - Children's Learning - Alphabet Rhymers

Alphabet Rhymers

Full of vibrant pictures, this is the ideal introduction to the alphabet. The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers take you through the day, spotting lots of alphabet words along the way. Perfect for parents and children to share the fun of early learning together.


RumberRhymers-FrontCoverRumber Rhymers

Have fun with the Rumbers, while learning your NUMBERS! Finding, naming and counting objects, foods and animals re-enforces each different number on each vibrant page. Young children love joining in with the simple rhymes that accompany each number.


Colours learning with this simple rhyming Colourful Rhymers book

Colourful Rhymers

The Rhymers help your child recognise their colours by finding and naming the animals, foods and objects appearing in the delightful illustrations on each page. There are beautifully simple rhymes to accompany every colour that young children really love joining in with. The Rhymers and Rising Rhymers are on hand to help children spell each of their colours. Being a colours book there is also the loveable Splat who makes an appearance too.


Fun shapes learning with The Shapers and The Rising Rhymers

Shape Up Rhymers

Children will love learning their shapes as The Shapers arrive at Rhyme Island to get the Rising Rhymers ship-shape. This book beautifully combines rhyme and learning. There is much to spot within the vibrant illustrations and lots of questions for adults to ask that will engage children on every page.


First words alphabet learning funFirst Words

Children will love learning over 100 first words with The Rhymers as they take you through the alphabet, in this beautifully illustrated Rhymers’ book. A perfect early learning resource!


Counting down fun with the Ten Lovely EggsTen Lovely Eggs

Children will love learning simple subtraction as the ten lovely eggs are given away one by one, with the turn of each page.  Each of the eggs have their own delightful characteristics and children will love meeting them all. Characters include Magic Egg, Mini Egg, Pooch Egg, Chicken Egg and my personal favourite Monkey Egg!


The Rhymers bring a new twist to favourite nursery rhymes in their Nursery Rhymers book that also helps children learn their alphabet with the fun rhymes and colourful illustrationsNursery Rhymers

The Rhymers bring you their own versions of your favourite nursery rhymes that they would love you to read and sing along to. This book is full of colour and a great introduction to the Rhymers series with each of the 26 alphabet characters appearing in it, along with Rhyme Island’s loveable dizzy-leg-sick dog Mubble Puppy. You will also meet many of The Rhymers’ nursery rhyme friends including Miss Muffin, Spider, Little Meg Peep and Happy Humpty.