Nursery Rhymers

The Rhymers bring a new twist to favourite nursery rhymes in their Nursery Rhymers book that also helps children learn their alphabet with the fun rhymes and colourful illustrationsA new twist on nursery rhymes

The Rhymers bring you their own versions of your favourite nursery rhymes that they would love you to read and sing along to. This book is full of colour and a great introduction to the Rhymers series with each of the 26 alphabet characters appearing in it, along with Rhyme Island’s loveable dizzy-leg-sick dog Mubble Puppy. You will also meet many of The Rhymers’ nursery rhyme friends including Miss Muffin, Spider, Little Meg Peep and Happy Humpty.


The Rhymers characters lend themselves so perfectly to particular nursery rhymes…

Hairy and Scary just had to appear with Spider and Miss Muffin.


Pop and Top were crying out for their own lines in “Pop goes the weasel”.


Giggle and Jiggle insisted that they made jelly to the “Pat-a-cake” tune.


The ever-arguing Over and Under were adamant that it was no longer Polly putting the kettle on, but them!


The concepts behind this book, where the inspiration came from and insights into the educational benefits of rhyme can be found in the blog post.