Mubble Pup & Puppy

The Rhymers - Mubble Pup - by Andrew Buller

Celebrate who you are!

Have you ever got muddled up? Mubble Pup does all the time and now he wants to tell you his mubbled story. He really hops you will lick it!


This book is a wonderful way of celebrating difference and showing children that they are great just as they are. The book is aimed to encourage children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties to believe in themselves.

Mubble Pup is adored by children reading The Rhymers’ stories. They love spotting him in each and every book, particularly if he has found somewhere messy to be! Why not see where he pops up in each of the other Rhymers’ titles!

Colour Me Rhymers – Mubble Pup

ColourMeRhymers-MubblePup-Large-FrontCoverGet colouring with Mubble Pup while enjoying his story too.


Mubble Pup toy!

Imagine my joy when I received a Mubble Pup toy as a Christmas present. It was made by my wonderful and incredibly talented Dad. Mubble Pup has loved coming with me on school, nursery, library and other visits ever since!

Andrew Buller receives a new Mubble Pup toy for Christmas made by his very lovely and talented Dad! The Rhymers and their author Andrew Buller visit TimeOut in Canterbury to share their books. Mubble Pup enjoys his day too!

Have fun with The Rhymers' dog Mubble PuppyMubble Puppy

Floating in a basket across Rhyme Sea comes a new friend for the Rising Rhymers – it’s Mubble Puppy! Meet Rhyme Island’s loveable dizzy-leg-sick dog!

This story takes readers back to the very first time The Rising Rhymers meet Mubble Puppy. He is a very poorly, loveable, mubbled up doggy!


Colour Me Rhymers – Mubble Puppy

Colouring fun with The Rhymers' dog Mubble PuppyGet colouring with Mubble Puppy while enjoying his story too.


TheRhymers-MubbleTwisters-FrontCoverMubble Pup’s Mubble Twisters

Join muddling Mubble Pup as he muddles all The Rhymers up in this hilarious tongue twisting book. Early learning experts value the use of tongue twisters to aid speech and language development. Read much more about this book and its educational benefits in the blog post.


Some of the tongue twisters are inspired by old classics such as “She sells sea shells” and “Red lorry, yellow lorry”, but many are completely new based on the characters of The Rhymers themselves.

A sneak preview into a few of the tongue twisters pages that have made it into the book…

Our Rhymers Hairy and Scary embrace the “She sells sea shells” tongue twister and give it their own twist…


Giggle and Jiggle love making and playing with jolly jelly…


Pop and Top always get upset whenever their bubbles burst, especially if they are pickled, peppered bubbles…


If you have ideas for any other tongue twisters for The Rhymers I would love to hear from you and who knows, they may be appearing within Mubble Pup’s Mubble Twisters 2!


Mubble Twisters Video

I couldn’t resist having a go at the Mubble Twisters myself and as the video below shows I get very, very mubbled up! This I promise is my one and only take as I wanted to show just how muddled I get by my own work. Enjoy!!!


Happy Birthday personalised book from The RhymersHappy Birthday Mubble Pup!

The Rhymers celebrate Mubble Pup’s birthday. This makes a lovely birthday gift and is also ideal for children’s birthday party bags. Purchase your copies today!


Personalised birthday books from The Rhymers Personalised birthday books from The Rhymers Personalised birthday books from The RhymersHappy Birthday personalised book from The Rhymers

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