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The Rhymers - Izzy & Whizzy

Magical stories

There is magic in the Rhyme Island air. Izzy and Whizzy can feel it, but so can Magik Mubble Pup. When he turns his paw to magic poor Izzy and Whizzy are the ones all muddled up. How will their magic show go?


Full of fun and rhyming magic, Izzy and Whizzy’s story is a great way for children to learn their alphabet. They also learn just how important spending time with friends is too.

Watch Izzy & Whizzy’s story

Listen to author Andrew Buller read Izzy & Whizzy’s magical story and share the pictures from their book. Look out for Magik Mubble Pup and what happens to all the tricks when they start doing their own tricks!!

Colour Me Rhymers – Izzy & Whizzy

ColourMeRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-Large-FrontCoverGet colouring with Izzy and Whizzy, while enjoying their story too.


Puzzling Rhymers – Izzy & Whizzy

PuzzlingRhymers-IzzyandWhizzy-FrontCoverThere are mazes, word searches, X words, Rhymer Riddles, Dash 2 Dots, Hide and Seeks, a Wand Wander game and much more. Look out for our muddling Magik Mubble Pup too.



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