Nap & Yap


Noisy books!

Nap loves to sleep and dream, but he can’t with Yap yapping day and night. Yap needs to know why, to everything. He has so many questions. But the biggest question of all – will Nap ever find peace to dream again?


Nap and Yaps’s story is a great way of introducing young children to the letters Y and N, as well as the rest of the alphabet. This rhyming pair also lend themselves to many fun “Yes” and “No” games that you can play with their characters. Children really enjoy Nap and Yap being such opposing characters within this story with all the difficulties this causes. Will noisy Yap ever learn to be quiet and let his friend Nap sleep? Can any parents relate to this?!

Colour Me Rhymers – Nap & Yap

ColourMeRhymers-NapandYap-Large-FrontCoverGet colouring with Nap & Yap, while enjoying their story too.


The Rising Rhymers – Nap & Yap

TheRisingRhymers-NapandYap-FrontCoverLittle Yap has lots of energy and plenty to say. Little Nap goes along to the park, but does he really want to play?


This colourful and engaging story set in the park is a great opportunity for young children to learn their lower case alphabet letters. There are many fun things to spot within the bright illustrations and look out for Mubble Puppy too!

Colour Me Rising Rhymers – Nap & Yap

Colouring book for kids - Rhyming for kids - Learning your alphabet - The Rising Rhymers - Nap and Yap - Andrew BullerGet colouring with Rising Rhymers’ Nap & Yap, while enjoying their story too.


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