The Rhymers – Ten Lovely Eggs OUT NOW!

Counting down fun with the Ten Lovely EggsCounting down fun!

It is really exciting to be releasing the latest book from The Rhymers’ ever-growing series titled “Ten Lovely Eggs”. Join Rhymer Egg and his egg friends this Easter and through the year.

Children will love learning simple subtraction as the ten lovely eggs are given away one by one, with the turn of each page.  Each of the eggs have their own delightful characteristics and children will love meeting them all. Characters include Magic Egg, Mini Egg, Pooch Egg, Chicken Egg and my personal favourite Monkey Egg!

The illustrations are incredibly bright and colourful, as seen from the examples below.

This book makes a lovely Easter gift, although it can be shared with children throughout the year. Purchase your copy now!


Learning is reinforced at the end of the book with children given the opportunity to count the eggs from ten to one, as well as the chance to familiarise themselves with the number words.


Watch the Ten Lovely Eggs

Listen to author Andrew Buller read the Ten Lovely Eggs and share the pictures from their book.


Other Easter books

The Rhymers have a number of books that make beautiful Easter gifts too…


The Rhymers - Egg & Leg

The Rhymers – Egg & Leg

Calling all Egg hunters!

Spring is springing, eggs are cracking – such happy sounds, unless you are poor, scrambled Egg. When he rolls away, Leg can’t find him anywhere. Let the Egg hunt begin!


Egg and Leg’s rhyming adventures teach children their E and L letters in a fun and engaging way. Leg’s determination to find his friend shows children the importance of friendship and of never giving up.

Colour Me Rhymers – Egg & Leg

Colour Me Rhymers - Egg & Leg

Get colouring with Egg and Leg while enjoying their story too.


Puzzling Rhymers – Egg & Leg

Puzzling Rhymers - Egg & Leg

There are mazes, word searches, X words, Rhymer Riddles, Dash 2 Dots, Hide and Seeks, a game of Leg’s Ladders and much more. There is also an Egg hunt that may make your head EGGSPLODE! Look out for our muddling Mubble Pup too.


I am a children's author and illustrator, responsible for the creation of The Rhymers' series.

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